How Geoengineering affects Cedar Creek Lake(and everywhere) 

Have you ever walked outside, looked up and realized that something is not quite right?


Ever wondered why the weather lately has been more extreme with the highs and lows? How we can have cold, rain, sleet, hail and beautiful, sunny heat all in the same week?


Have you ever wondered why the “weather in Texas” as it is so commonly referred to has went off the deep end in terms of extremes?


Have you noticed that there are strange “clouds” in the sky in the shape of lines, x’s or triangles that a little over 20 years ago were never there.


Wonder why the two are related??


One simple answer.




Chemtrail’s fall under the blanket of Geoengineering.


According to one of Nasa’s own, Geoengineering is “an attempt to avoid or reduce the negative consequences of climate change by directly altering parts of the Earth’s natural System,” said Riley Duran, Jet Propulsion Lab’s; Chief Systems Engineer for the Earth Science center and Tech Director. It was also said that “Geoengineering should be seen as a highly uncertain insurance policy or emergency response, not a solution” as well as, “It is not a cure. At best, it is a bandaid or tourniquet; at worst, It could be a self-inflicted wound.”


I don’t know about you readers, but I believe we as a generation of the last 100 years, has done enough damage to God’s Natural system.


Conspiracy theorists, like myself, believe that Geoengineering is the governments way of manipulating the weather to suit their needs.


But what needs might those be? I think that is the million dollar question.


According to, Geoengineering is the artificial modification of the Earth’s climate systems through two primary ideologies. Solar Radiation Management or SRM and Carbon Dioxide Removal or CDR.


SRM is reducing the suns energy from making it all the way to the planets surface by carefully placing chemicals into the lower atmosphere to reflect the sunlight away. CDR is applying a type of “absorption” chemical to “clean up” the carbon from the atmosphere.


There have been countless studies by independent climate scientists, including Harmon Craig, Roger Revelle and Wallace Broecker. Scientist’s like these have concluded in their research, that we are in a time frame of irreversible damage by global warming from both the estimated climate cycles and the Carbon pollution we have contributed. posted an article titled Artificial weather revealed by post 9/11 flight groundings. 


In the article, it speaks of the three days of grounded commercial flights. Data collected from approximately 4,000 weather stations across the continental United States concluded that in the three days following 9/11, there was a significant difference and increase of 1.8 degrees Celsius in the diurnal temperature, which is the difference between the daily maximum and minimum temperatures.


Not only was that due to the simple fact that there were not any emissions left by the Jet’s themselves, but with the fact that there were no chemtrails left behind by them either.


Texas, in the last almost two weeks, has been hit very hard, in the most devastating of ways, with extreme weather. We have even had numerous Tornado warnings here in the Lake area, hail and an extreme amount of water that has risen not only our lake level, but ponds, streams and honestly, anywhere that water shouldn’t be. All that are a bit unusual for this time of year; just like the unusually warm weather. Could it possibly be because not only has Texas rebuked and been very leery of Jade Helm 15, Refugees coming and seeking new homes here or being very against the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ( or as it is commonly known, the New World Order that will go into effect Jan 1, 2016? We may never know, but it is more then a bit coincidental


How does this affect us here in the Cedar Creek Lake area?


Have you walked outside and looked up lately? Day or night, if you look up at what should be a beautiful lake view, you will see those lines, x’s and triangle shapes I spoke of earlier. Chemtrails, that are full of toxic chemicals, such as Chromium, Nickel, Nano aluminum coated fiberglass(or Chaff) and barium, are being sprayed directly above us. That affects our every day lives, not only in the patterns of the weather but in our health as well. These are chemicals that in the quantities it is being released in, can be deadly, under the right circumstances. Think about it, it falls on our food we grow, the water we drink and the air we breathe.


We may not be able to change it in the here and now, but you can make yourself aware of what is going on around you. Think outside the box. Question what is going on around you and especially things that you see with your own two eyes.


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