My first Freelance opportunity


I never thought a decision to “Jump for the stars” in a random, ALMOST spur of the moment email, would land me my first Freelance Opportunity on a Website that covers the Lake Area where I live.

Unbeknownst to me, that is exactly what was about to unfold over the course of the next two days.

I was sitting in my chair, processing a lot of thoughts about where I am in life and knew there was something missing. I decided I was going to make the blog I had so longed for, to be able to express my random thoughts in my head. Just get them out on “paper”..

As soon as I was finished, I decided to head to my go too. Facebook, of course. My generations social media awesomeness! I came across an article about the Lake Area rising and thought that might be a great article to read since it had been raining in abundance and our own property was flooding up to our house in the backyard.

After reading it, I happened to glance at the top and something caught my eye. At the top it said, “Have a good story? Email here…” A thought occurred. Why not?!?! So I did. But it wasn’t about a story, it was to inquire about any freelance opportunities available.

I was nervous and a bit doubtful because I had no idea if this was the “way to ask” as well as, I have Zero experience on a professional level. Although I have written since I was in Elementary school and made straight A+’s on any and all things involving writing, I never imagined one small email could possibly change the course of my life. My children’s lives. But I feel, not to count my chickens before they hatch, that this marks a point, where a goal of mine has begun and that it will take me places that I want to go in life.

Now, I get to start the Biography, of who I am, What I am about, What I stand for and how I will “make the world” (or in my case, The Cedar Creek Lake area) a better place for those around me, and write about it on an amazing established website and set up my new “editor” account!


Wish me Light!


Namaste «» Love and Light «»


Our unschooling life in a nutshell


Unschooling by definition, is “A method of homeschooling that puts the desire, drive, motivation and responsibility for life -this thing we call learning or education – in the hands of the learner”

The simplest way to explain it in practical terms, is instead of homeschooling with a set curriculum 8 hours a day, we unschool as our way of life. Always learning, always searching for a “lesson” in anything and everything we do. In our circle, you will hear the term “child led” because it usually is. If the child has an interest in anything, it is our job as parents to provide the tools necessary for them to learn. Comparing to public schoolers, I have read numerous articles stating they would rather have homeschoolers because they usually have advanced knowledge vs. The set “standards” that public school teaches. When they compare homeschoolers to unschoolers, it seems, unschoolers are the preferred because of the ease of adaptability to new situations, as well as tend to learn easier in any circumstance and in more ways then just either, or, when it comes to visual, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary, or aural. Unschoolers are also very independent learners, which is one of the most used terms I’ve heard or read in our circles.

Here are two great articles that speak on the above:

Some examples of how we “unschool” if you use it in a literal term are, If we are on a trip to the grocery store, there is a lesson in math no matter if you ask questions before we get to the register such as “if we need 100 coat hangers and they are 10 per pack, how many packs do we need?” Once we get to the register, that is an obvious lesson and The kitchen poses a great deal of our math when it comes to measument as well.

Or, if we go to Grandma’s house and they see an old picture, maybe a history lesson.

Science? It helps when we have tons of books on awesome science experiments too.

Foreign languages?? My girls went to a “Japanese in a box” class that the Japan-American society put on in Forney awhile back. (I would LOVE to see more of those kinds of opportunities in the Cedar Creek area as well. We have some but it’s mostly what us mom’s put together)

I could go on and on and on but I’ll stop with the examples there. We weren’t always this way, March of Next year will be our two year mark.

As far as how prevalent it is in the lake area where I live?
I wish it were more but there are those of us here. I believe we all, or most that I know, unschool on some level, some a lot more extreme then others, but there are two unschool Co-op’s(community cooperative)one in Tyler and one in Dallas. There are several homeschool co-op’s as well. The biggest difference in the two are a set curriculum vs. The whole world as curriculum


(picture of Myself and my Zoe Bug 🙂 )

Namaste «» Love and Light «»

Oh my… my first blog..

I’ve always wanted to blog but never knew how to start. I find myself writing about my days in my text messaging to myself but now here I am… I don’t know what I hope to accomplish here other then to write out my thoughts. My hopes,my dreams,my wants,my fears, my current situations etc.

To start with my name is Nicole. I am 30 years old and find myself in a very interesting situation, 99% of the time. We all have our ups and downs in life but you see, I have 8 daughter’s. The most beautiful girls inside and out that I could have ever asked for. But my life is hectic. And sometimes…just sometimes..I need a break. Writing is it. I love to write. Not necessarily anything in particular… Just the words that are in my soul. I don’t say brain because I don’t exactly think that’s where they come from.

Which brings me to my next point, it’s raining, I’m sitting here in my oversized, comfy rocking chair with my incense burning and my Himalayan salt rock on. Very peaceful. I can hear 3 of my older girls tinkering In the kitchen making hot cocoa while my little one makes playful noises with her daddy, my husband. Man do I love him and hate him at the same time.


My soul is hurting right now and I need healing. Writing will be my venue for that healing.. it has to be. I stopped for so long and can feel myself drawing back to it. I have things to say and the world needs to hear.

I am a domestic violence survivor.

I am a rape survivor.

I am a survivor of numerous suicide attempts.

I am a survivor of an attempted murder..though they won’t call it that in the reports.. But I was there..

I am a woman who in my short 30 years, has been through a lot, some who would say a victim. But I don’t carry that victim mentality…

I carry hope

I carry peace.

I carry joy.

I carry love.

I carry experiences.

I carry life with me. I am here for a reason and that reason is to change the cycle of the negative mindset on any level of anyone listening, and for any reason.

Even if it is only the eight little girls watching me.